Become An Authorized Facility

Only Authorized Facilities are allowed to offer CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYTEMS classes. The equipment need will be a small investment compared to the high price of traditional gym equipment and the high cost of maintenance.  Additional, the equipment is space efficient if you own a small facility.
 CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYTEMS provides weekly workout routines to its certified instructors  that are designed by a team of fitness experts in the field of kinesiology and sports nutrition.  Our instructors are trained to be "performers", trained to show up early , interact with your members,  and trained on the importance of  promoting and recruiting new member to your facility.  They are experts in member retention.  Needless to say, this will generate more revenue for your business.
Most group exercise programs do not provide a specified workout routine for the instructors.  They are charged a "certification fee"  and are done with them.  Unfortunately, this is why you here "I don't like that instructor" or "the other facility has better instructors."  Most group exercise programs do not teach the importance of member/client retention and how to generate new members.    
CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYSTEMS is revolutionizing the group fitness and personal training industry.   CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYSTEMS is becoming a "household" name. The general public will be visiting and going to our "club finder"  to locate the nearest authorized facility.   The general public will be educated on the fact that our workout routines are designed by fitness experts.  They will understand IF IT'S NOT CORE SPECIFIC IT'S NOT REAL.  Nobody will want a "generic", "rip-off ", or "spin-off " workout.  CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYSTEMS  is an elite workout program that commands authority in the fitness industry. and is above all other group exercise classes.  Becoming an Authorized Facility will mean that your gym/studio has met the requirements set forth by fitness experts and therefore earned the title Authorized Facility.   This will add credibility to your marketing campaigns.