Become an Authorized Instructor

Why become an Authorized Instructor?
Due to current economic circumstances, personal training is not steady income.  The fitness industry is moving towards group fitness.  Most people need a personal trainer but can not afford one.  65% of American are over weight and/or do not join a gym. They do not have the motivation or knowledge to get themselves into shape. 
Most group exercise instructors only focus on the hour they are instructing.  Therefore, members tend to favor certain instructors  because some teach differently than others.  Unless the instructor focusses on the member, the member is most likely to cancel their membership.  This scenario will eventually result in a cancelled class and loss of revenue to the instructor and facility.
CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYSTMS teaches its instructors about the importance of customer service and member retention, also effective marketing strategies and generate new clients. CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYSTEMS certification workshop teaches you, the instructor, how to effectively conduct a professional interactive fitness class and still provide a "personal training" environment.  
Most certifications do not teach their instructors how to generate and retain clients. Once you pay your fees, you are on your own.
CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYSTEMS has joined forces with kinesiology majors and sports nutritionist in order to design workout routines that cater to the general public and keep them motivated.