Core Specific Online Trainer & Promotional Boot Camp


* "I don't have time to go to the gym"
* "I'm too tired to workout."
* "I don't have anybody to watch the kids."
* "When I get home from work I want to relax and then I lose the motivation to go to the gym."
* "When I am at the gym, I feel like everyone is watching me."
* "I can not afford personal training."
* "I do not know how to use the machines at the gym."
* "I am not seeing any results."
* "I'll start on Monday."
* "The gym is too crowded."
* " I don't like the instructors."
* " The staff is rude and the sales reps are pushy at the gym."

If you had said yes to this any of these questions, you need Core Specific Fitness Systems Online Personal Trainer and Promotional Boot Camps.

The reality is that most people want to live a healthy lifestyle but do not know where to start. For that reason there is personal training.  The average rate for a personal trainer is $50 per hour and can cost between $300 - $600 per month. However, due to the current economic status and the daily grind, most people can not afford a personal trainer and/or do not have time to go to the gym.  Un fortunately, this is why most people do not reach their fitness goals. Let us help you reach your goals by joining the CORE SPECIFIC REVOLUTION  and becoming a member of CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYTEMS.

By becoming a member,  you will have every benefit of a personal trainer. Different CORE SPECIFIC workout routines will be sent to you every week via email with written, audio, and visual demonstrations of each exercise.  Every workout routine will be viewable on any device that has internet. This means CORE SPECIFIC FITNESS SYTEMS will be your personal trainer at the gym, at home, at the park, or anywhere you chose. The Core Specific Formula is designed to build lean muscle and burn body fat. In addition, nutritional guidelines will be provided and access to our Core Store for all your nutritional and fitness apparel needs at a discounted rate.